Famous Manchester Women

There are many famous Manchester women, who have achieved lots of success. They include Queen Elizabeth the second, Princess Diana, Chrissie Hynde, Wanda Ventham, Beryl Cook, Laura Linney, and many more. The interesting thing about them is that they are all strong-willed women who put up with all kinds of situations.

Another common theme in their lives is that they were tough to work with. All the women are exceptionally brave and strong in character. One of the most famous Manchester women is Wanda Ventham, who was named by the New York Times as one of the twenty women who could best be described as a woman of great taste and style.

She was born in London to Prince Edward and the Princess Anne of Wales and became the second child in the royal family. A complete outsider at school, she kept up with her studies through reading and an interest in foreign languages. She went on to receive the G.E. of Literature from University College London.

However, it was not until she visited China in 1921 that her passion for the Chinese was ignited. She became friends with the Empress Dowager Cixi, who was from that country. She returned with a determination to open up to the Chinese, as well as a determination to travel, and soon became an official member of the ruling class of the country.

One day, she accompanied Queen Victoria and a group of other women to visit the Forbidden City and took the opportunity to learn much about Chinese culture. In fact, her description of the place in her memoirs, The Winds of War, brought many people to tears. She wrote that it was truly a “journey of a lifetime.”

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In the world of the famous Manchester women, Wanda Ventham was one of the most prominent members. She was friends with several other famous women, including Sarah Bernhardt, who went on to become a prominent fashion designer. Ventham also visited Paris and China again, where she continued to study Chinese culture.

However, when Ventham’s dream of becoming a fashion designer was cut short, she embarked on a series of world travels. She travelled to the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and all over the continent of South America. She also had the privilege of meeting many important personalities.

Ventham met many successful people, including Louis Comfort Tiffany, Milton Berle, and even two of the most famous American poets of the time, Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. When these important people invited Ventham to their homes, she had to decline. Why?

Ventham felt that it was inappropriate for her to live in the same space as these men, as she considered herself a woman, and a graduate of Oxford University. She felt that she was supposed to show respect for the inherited tradition of the British monarchy.

Perhaps it is the role of a woman in Manchester to guard the traditions of the royal family, but that may be too much to ask of a fashion designer. She did eventually return to Manchester and would continue to create impressive designs for many years. It was in fact, that she learned more about royal families from the woman who had actually hired her, that her interest in the family’s traditions blossomed.

The woman was Princess Margaret, Queen Mary’s sister. When she heard of Wanda Ventham’s excitement about visiting the Royal Family, she took the time to pay her a visit. Princess Margaret arranged for her to see the estates of the family and even escorted her to an unveiling of the royal portrait.

After this great experience, it was hard for Wanda Ventham to leave the city. She would continue to maintain her interest in the family traditions, by founding the Ventham Museum in her home town.